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Bridging the Gap:
Helping Children Succeed

Toronto-based educational consultants, Angus Lloyd Associates, are educational consultants who help children and adolescents with moderate to severe learning problems or disabilities achieve success in reading, spelling, written language, and mathematics. We pinpoint academic gaps and develop an individualized educational curriculum.

Everything about our one-on-one teaching programs is tailor-made to your child's specific learning needs, from the content to the pace of the lessons.

Our teachers are highly trained professionals who have one common goal: to see that every student confidently masters the skills needed to improve their academic performance. More than an educational tutoring service, we don't just teach children how to read, spell or solve math problems, we equip your child with the analytical and critical thinking tools needed to succeed on their own. By developing a real sense of accomplishment and understanding in the student, we can foster not only a willingness to learn but also a lifelong curiosity and enthusiasm for education.

Our Direct Instruction educational programs are supported by 35 years of research. This instructional method is sometimes called mastery learning. One of the most effective methods of learning, it uses a teaching model of demonstration, interaction, immediate feedback, support, and monitoring. Through instructional teaching, positive reinforcement, ongoing reviews, and assessments the student masters each lesson before moving forward, ensuring lesson retention.

Angus Lloyd Associates Inc. offers a variety of educational consulting services and academic remediation programs, including:
Academic rehabilitation for students with Acquired Brain Injury
Academic assessments
Academic assessments
Educational consulting with parents, school personnel, and other professionalsEducational consulting with parents, school personnel, and other professionals
One-on-one teaching and progress monitoring
One-on-one teaching and progress monitoring
Professional development and Direct Instruction workshops for teachers Professional development and Direct Instruction workshops for teachers


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