Academic Rehabilitation for Students with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

Students with acquired brain injuries (ABI) face unique academic challenges resulting from the cognitive and behavioral sequelae of head trauma. Some academic challenges are evident immediately following the accident; others have a latent onset. Dynamic, systematic, and resourceful academic intervention for students with ABI can greatly facilitate their coping with the demands of academic study. Proactive intervention is paramount to minimizing the impact of latent manifestations of head injury.

Serving the rehabilitation community since 1996.

Since 1996, Angus Lloyd Associates Inc. has successfully assisted many students with ABI overcome academic difficulties. The strength of our ABI program resides in our collective and individual experience in addressing the academic needs of students with acquired neurological impairments:

We have structured our model for providing academic rehabilitation services for students with Acquired Brain Injury to reflect our maturing perspective. Through our service model we aim to provide flexibility in how our clients utilize our expertise, and to clearly define the role of each member of the rehabilitation team in the process of academic rehabilitation.

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