Academic Assessments

Together, the standardized and informal tests help to determine learning objectives.

Just like you, many parents have concerns about their child's academic performance and want an independent and objective evaluation of their child's academic abilities. Parents often look for two things in an academic assessment: a comprehensive report on their child's academic aptitudes, and a detailed plan for the immediate correction or remediation of any skills gaps.

To pinpoint your child's particular strengths and weaknesses, Angus Lloyd Associates Inc. uses a variety of standard and informal test measures to ensure reliable, accurate, and valid assessments.

Carefully researched and tested with thousands of children, our standardized tests measure your child's development in all academic skill areas. A full assessment takes approximately half a day to complete, and tests academic levels in reading, spelling, written language, oral language, and mathematics. We compare your child's scores to those of other children of the same age or grade. This shows us precisely how your child is performing in comparison with others at the same grade level.

To make sure we have a complete picture of your child's abilities, we also employ informal measures. These informal measures do not compare your child's performance with grade or age level peers, but rather allow us to see how your child performs when presented with tasks similar to those found in school.

Together, the standardized and informal tests help to determine learning objectives. These objectives are needed in order to create an educational program for your child that addresses your child's specific skills gaps.

After this half-day assessment, one of our qualified educational consultants will prepare an educational profile. This report will include the scores of the tests, interpretation and analysis of those scores, and recommendations for parents and teachers. In the report, we will outline a detailed plan to remediate weaknesses through teaching at our clinic and/or suggestions for the teachers at the school. The report also acts as a benchmark, so that we can track the student's progress throughout the school year.

In the event that a child has been assessed recently and specific areas of concern have already been identified, we recommend an abridged assessment. An abridged assessment usually takes about an hour and a half to two hours to complete, and will measure only specific academic skills.
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