Direct Instruction Training

Taught by Johanna Preston, Ma.Ed., OCT, certified Direct Instruction teachers and trainers, our workshops can be held at the location of your choice. Each one-day program covers Direct Instruction strategies such as placement, lesson presentation, formats and error correction procedures, to ensure a high level of student engagement. Participants will not only learn presentation techniques but will also practice them.

ALA Inc. offers the following Direct Instruction workshops:

  • Teaching Corrective Reading: Decoding & Comprehension
  • Teaching Reading Mastery K and 1
  • Teaching Reading Mastery Levels 3-6
  • Teaching Language for Learning
  • Teaching Spelling Mastery
  • Teaching Reasoning & Writing
  • Teaching Connecting Math Concepts

Included in the price of each Direct Instruction workshop is a Teacher's Guide and training handout for each participant. Programs are purchased separately through McGraw Hill Ryerson. We run regular small-group workshops at our offices and are available to do larger workshops at your school or school board. Contact us for a quote.