We work with parents and a range of educational professionals to ensure that each child receives an individualized instructional plan that will meet their needs and ensure their success.

With Parents

As every parent knows, no two children are alike. That's why we meet with parents before we start working with a child. With report cards and reports of previous assessments, we discuss issues surrounding your child's academic and developmental history. This allows us to create an individualized instructional plan for your child to address skills development and educational needs. This planning session usually lasts an hour-and-a-half.


Many professionals are involved in helping a child grow to be a happy and capable adult. ALA Inc. understands that teamwork is essential. The observations of teachers, psychologists, speech-language therapists, and occupational therapists can go a long way to providing a detailed profile of your child's learning style and academic needs. Our senior consultants are available to work with other professionals to  ensure that your child is engaged in the most effective course of remediation.

IEP Review

We will review Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and contribute salient information to IEPs in progress. We aim to demystify the practical implications of a student’s cognitive profile. We will conference with parents and/or teachers to ensure that resource support at the school does not duplicate services provided at ALA Inc.