Pronunciation Guide For
Reading Mastery

Voiced sounds are sounds you make by vibrating your vocal chords. You do not use your vocal cords for unvoiced sounds - You use air only. To feel the difference between voiced and unvoiced sounds, hold your throat lightly and say the sound vvv.  You will feel your vocal chords vibrating. Then, without pausing, change the sound to fff. The vibrations will stop. The only difference between the sounds is that the vvv is voiced and the fff is not.

To hear an audio example, click on the symbol.

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Pronunciation Guide
As in
Voiced or
in Lesson
aaa at v 1
mmm ram v 1
sss bus uv 3
ēēē eat v 4
rrr run v 6
d mad v 9
fff stuff uv 11
iii if v 13
ththth this v 15
t cat uv 17
nnn pan v 19
c tack uv 21
ooo ox v 23
āāā ate v 26
h hat uv 28
uuu up v 30
g tag v 33
lll pal v 35
www win v 37
shshsh wish uv 39
(the word I)   v 43
k tack uv 45
ōōō over v 48
vvv love v 50
p sap uv 54
ch touch uv 57
eee end v 59
b grab v 61
iiing sing v 62
īīī ice v 64
yyy yes v 66
urrr brother v 67
ksss ox uv 70
oooo moon v 71
j judge v 72
īīī my v 75
www or wh why v or uv 76
kwww (or koo) quick v 77
zzz buzz v 78
ūūū use v 80