Medical Information

Permission to Leave Unattended


Consent to the Release of Information 

Terms of Service

Tax Information Letter

Billing & Cancellations

  • All accounts settled by cash or cheque 15 days prior to the due date will be discounted 2%.
  • Amendments to the schedule (e.g. religious holidays, school trips, etc.) may be made until 10 business days after the start of the term, and will be deducted from the bill. Changes will not be made to the current invoice after that date.
  • Sessions must be cancelled by 8:00 PM the night before a session. Cancellations must be made via email at booking@anguslloyd.com. Do not email individual employees, as your cancellation can be officially received only at booking@anguslloyd.com. Cancellations can be made by telephone before 5:00 PM only. 
  • Sessions cancelled with appropriate notice may be rescheduled at any time before Labour Day of the current school year.  Sessions that aren’t rescheduled by that date will not be refunded.
  • Sessions that are cancelled without notice, or with inadequate notice will be neither rescheduled nor refunded.


Angus Lloyd Associates Inc. takes your privacy and that of your child very seriously. We will not distribute any information about you or your child without your expressed, written consent. We will not discuss your child’s history or programming with anyone without a signed 'Consent to the Release of Information form' on file.

Make-up Sessions

A make-up session is available when Angus Lloyd Associates Inc. has received payment for a session that was cancelled with appropriate notice (see Billing and Cancellations). There is one make-up week at the end of every term, and make-up sessions can also be scheduled with your tutor throughout the term. Please be aware that if your account is not up-to-date, we will be unable to book make-up sessions. Make-up sessions may be booked at any time up to August 31 of the current school year.

Drop-off and Pick-up

Children can be dropped off, unaccompanied, five minutes before their appointment.  You may arrive to your sessions earlier, but we cannot assume responsibility for unaccompanied children.  As sessions at Angus Lloyd Associates Inc. are scheduled on an hourly basis, it is imperative that your child be picked up on time. Our tutors take the responsibility to ensure that your child is picked up by a parent or guardian, and that the child reaches the car; however, this is not possible if the child is not picked up promptly. Due to our busy schedule, please be aware that we cannot work beyond your child’s appointment time. This means the sessions must end on the hour, regardless of what time your child started their session.


Please be aware that the parking lot in front of the building is for the use of the employees and other tenants of the building. Children may be dropped off and picked up at the curb in front of our building. There are parking lots on either side of Yonge St. south of Heath St. There is street parking on Yonge St., Heath St., and other surrounding side streets.